Fancl – 卡路里控制瘦身丸 Fancl熱控 30日Calolimit


Fancl – 卡路里控制瘦身丸 Fancl熱控 30日Calolimit

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Fancl – Calolimit 卡路里控制瘦身丸 30 Days ( 120 tablets)(4908049346850)

該產品有助抑制食物中的糖和脂肪的吸收。大吃大喝必備 FANCL完美纖體消脂丸PerfectSlim30日可以加速脂肪燃燒,輕鬆減肥!內含枳實和唐辛子,能促進脂肪分解及燃燒,輕鬆減肥。HCA有效阻止脂肪合成,纖體更高效持久餐後進食,發揮持續飽肚感,纖體快人一步!適合需要減肥及保持理想身形人士。


– 一日4粒含量:卡路裏:2.7kcal,蛋白質:0.10g,脂肪:0.02g,糖質:0.34克,食用纖維0.34,鈉1.1mg

– 一日4粒主要成分:匙羹藤提取物 67mg,桑葉 200mg,綠茶 200mg, 殼聚糖 100mg 芸豆 4.8mg


– 無法節食而希望保持苗條身段

– 想控制卡路裏的同時而又能吸收到均衡營養

– 高脂肪、高糖份飲食


– 食用方法:每日4粒(於餐前10-20分鐘服用,若想增加效果,可於每餐前都服用4粒,每天不超過12粒)


1. 由於體質與身體狀況的不同,少數人會出現出疹症狀,此時請中止服用本品。

2. 懷孕,哺乳以及幼兒請勿服用。

3. 正在服用其他藥品或者在求醫的人羣,最好諮詢醫生。

4. 由於使用天然成分商品有少許色差,非品質問題。.

5. 請存放在嬰幼兒拿不到的地方。

6. 本產品易吸潮,注意手濕的時候不要接觸本品。

7. 開封後請在保質期內儘快服用。

8. 內含乾燥劑,請勿誤食。

9. 糖尿病患者服用時請徵詢醫生的建議。

10. 原材料中含螃蟹,食品過敏者勿食。


The product inhibits the absorption of sugar and fat in food. Eat and drink essential FANCL Perfect Slimming Cellulite Pills PerfectSlim 30 can accelerate fat burning and easily lose weight! Containing medlar and Tang Xinzi, it can promote fat decomposition and burning, and easily lose weight. HCA effectively prevents fat synthesis, and the slimming body is more efficient and lasts for a long time after eating, giving a feeling of continuous fullness and slimming. Suitable for people who need to lose weight and maintain their ideal body shape.

FANCL thermal control (calorie control CalorieLimit) 30-day all-round reduction of calorie absorption of white kidney bean extract inhibits the conversion of starch into sugar, while the leaves of the boots and mulberry leaves are broken down and the absorption is reduced. Clove and crab shells make food fat less susceptible to decomposition and help avoid excessive fat absorption

– 4 capsules 1 to 3 times daily: calories: 2.7kcal, protein: 0.10g, fat: 0.02g, saccharide: 0.34g, edible fiber 0.34, sodium 1.1mg

– 4 main ingredients : Gymnema sylvestris extract 67mg, mulberry leaves 200mg, green tea 200mg, chitosan 100mg cowpea 4.8mg

[The most suitable for the following people]

– Can’t diet and hope to keep slim

– I want to control calories while absorbing balanced nutrition

– High fat, high sugar diet

[Note] For those who are allergic to crabs, pregnant women and breastfeeding, please avoid eating.

How to eat:

4 capsules 1 to 3 times daily(take 10-20 minutes before a meal. If you want to increase the effect, you can take 4 capsules before each meal, no more than 12 capsules per day)

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